Responses for June 2021

Total Calls 19        Total EMS 12      Total Fire 7

Ambulance 11 - Motor Vehicle Crash 2 - Mutual Aid Fire 2 - Mutual Aid Stand-by Fire 2 -

Mutual Aid Motor Vehicle Crash 1

Responses for January 2021

Total Calls 34         Total EMS 22          Total Fire 12

Ambulance 20 -  Mutual Aid Fire 7 - Mutual Aid Stand-by Fire 4 - Rescue 1 - Mutual Aid Ambulance 2

 June 14, 2021 - COVID-19 Update 

The Board of Fire Commissioners have reviewed paperwork on what needs to be done to reopen the Community Center. After this review the Board of Fire Commissioners have determined the Community Center can reopen after July 1, 2021.

For availability contact Hall Manager Carey Goldberg 716-378-6669

Responses for March 2021

Total Calls 29         Total EMS 23          Total Fire 6

Ambulance 23 - Fire 1 - Service 1 - False Alarm 1 - Mutual Aid Fire 2  - Mutual Aid Stand-By Fire  1

Responses for May 2021

Total Calls 20         Total EMS 13          Total Fire 7

Ambulance 10 - Service 2 - False Alarm 1 - Search 1 - Mutual Aid Fire 1 - Mutual Aid Stand-By Fire1 -

Mutual Aid Motor Vehicle Crash 1 - Rescue 1 - Mutual Aid Stand By Ambulance 3

Responses for April 2021

Total Calls 29         Total EMS 19          Total Fire 10

Ambulance 19 - Wild Fire 1 - Motor Vehicle Crash 1 - Service 2 - False Alarm 2 -

Mutual Aid Stand-By Fire1 - Rescue 1

As I perform my Duty Lord, whatever be the call, help to guide and keep me safe from dangers big and small. I want to serve and do my best no matter what the scene. I pledge to keep my skills refined, my judgement quick and keen. This calling to give of myself most do not understand, but I stand ready all the time to help my fellow man. To have the chance to help a child restore his laugh with glee, a word of Thanks I might not hear, but knowing is enough for me. The Praise of men is fine for some, but I feel truly blessed, That you, OH LORD, have chosen me to serve in EMS

Responses For 2020

Total Calls    318      

Total EMS Type    219 - 69%                      Total Fire Type 97 - 31%

Total Mutual Aid Given 89 -28%        Total Mutual Aid Received 12 - 4%

 Ambulance 176   -    Fire 1   -   Vehicle Fire 0    -   Wild Fire 2 

Motor Vehicle Crash 13    -   Service Call 22    -   False Alarm 11   -    Search 2 

Mutual Aid Wild Fire 2   -    Mutual Aid Fire 32     -  Mutual Aid Stand-by Fire 21

Control Burn 0    -   Mutual Aid Motor Vehicle Crash 5   -    Rescue 6 

Mutual Aid Ambulance 18    -   Mutual Aid Stand-by Ambulance 7

We are reviewing guidelines on reopening BINGO,

no decision yet.

Coming Soon!

Mailing address is: PO Box 601, Westons Mills, NY 14788

New Colors

On Wednesday June 16, Members did some training using our rescue tools for use at a motor vehicle accident. Activities included stabilizing the car with cribbing and high lift jacks. Using the Jaws of Life and cutters to gain entry into the vehicle. We also tested several used items that came with our new Rescue Truck that we are putting into service in a few weeks.

When I am called to duty, GOD, where ever flames may rage, give me strength to save some one’s life, whatever be their age. Help me embrace a little child before it's too late, or save an older person from the horror of that fate. Enable me to be alert and hear the weakest shout and quickly and effectively put the fire out. I want to fill my calling and to give the best in me, to guard my every neighbor and protect his property. And if according to your will, I have to lose my life, please bless with your protecting hand, my children and my  wife.

Responses for February 2021

Total Calls 25         Total EMS 23          Total Fire 2

Ambulance 22 - Mutual Aid MVC 2  - Mutual Aid Ambulance 1

Our new rescue truck is coming soon!

It is getting painted, lettered and soon to be put into service! 

Westons Mills Fire District & Kinney Hose Company


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