The Board of Fire Commissioners have reviewed the information on opening the Community Center.

However, with the ever changing requirements/ mandates we may have to change our status on a moments notice. The Hall Manager will contact you with any changes.

Availability, additional information, contact information and other requirements contact

Hall Manager Steve @ 716-378-9057 

Westons Mills Fire District & Kinney Hose Company


Here are some pictures of the Community Center available for rent by Community Members through the Board of Fire Commissioners. Capacity is 304 People. Current pictures show our Bingo Set up for 192 people with  33 tables and 196 chairs. Additional chairs and tables are available for an

additional fee through the Kinney Hose Company.

Current Center Manager is Steve, phone is 716-378-9057.

Contact him on availability/open dates.

The Board of Fire Commissioners have announced the following rates for hall rental: 

        Residents of the Westons Mills Fire District: $250 plus $100 deposit

        Non-Residents of the Fire District but a resident of the Town of Portville: $400 plus $100 deposit

        All others (Individuals or Business): $500 plus $100 deposit

        Special Low Time Usage (up to 4 hours) for Residents of the Fire District Only: $50 plus $100 deposit

​NOTE: Additional $100 required for any usage of the Kitchen Facilities

Prices effective as of October 11,2021