UT 263 (Westons 7A) 2018 Utility Support/ Transports  

RIT/FAST Team, Tech Rescue, Fire Police, Tows UT 264 and Inflatable Boat

AM 208 (Westons 8) 2017 Medix Advanced Life Support Ambulance, Primary response unit also supports Water and Ice Rescue Operations

Rescue 100 (Westons 7)

2001 HME 1871/ 1999 Rescue 1

This unit will carry extra personnel and equipment to various scenes for Fire Calls, Auto Extrication, Rescue, Water Rescue, Ice Rescue,

Rope Rescue Teams.

E 55 (Westons 1) 2015 Rosenbauer Pumper 6 Man Cab 1500 gallon per minute pump and  1000 gallon tank

First out -Mutual Aid Pumper, Rescue - Haz Mat Truck

R 100,                  E 55,           E 53,       E 54,       AM  239,    EM 208,                 UT 263,     UT 264 & Boat

WM 7,                  WM 1,        WM 5,     WM 2,     WM 8A,     WM 8,                    WM 7A

​​​E - 53 (Westons 5) is made by 4 Guys Fire Trucks on a

2020 International HV 607 with Cummins L9-450 HP Engine

with automatic transmission.  A Waterous 1500 gallon per minute pump with 2000 gallon water tank, 20 gallon Class B Foam Tank,

​2100 gallon portable pond, 10 " Newton Quick Dump for side or rear discharge. Also has visible tank level status lights. 

Ready to Respond

EM 239 (Westons 8-A) 2012 McCoy Miller (Repainted 2019)

Advanced Life Support Unit, Mutual Aid,

Fire Stand By, Rehab Support.

Inflatable Rescue Boat and RDC Boat for Water and Ice Rescue Teams

UT 264 - 6 Wheel Polaris Carries a

Kim Tech Slide out Pump/Tank/Rescue Unit for Grass - Forest Fires,

Land/Off Road Rescues

E- 54 (Westons 2) is a 2005 Pierce All wheel drive 5 man cab

1000 gallon per minute pump and 750 gallons tank. 

It carries auto extrication equipment. It is Second due to all fire calls.

Westons Mills Fire District & Kinney Hose Company