AM 208 (Westons 8) 2017 Medix Advanced Life Support Ambulance, Primary response unit

also supports Water and Ice Rescue Operations

Ladder 100 (Westons 6) is a 1993 E-One 6 man cab

1500 gallon per minute pump with a 500 gallon tank and a 75 foot ladder

​​E - 53 (Westons 5) is a 2005 Pierce Sterling Pumper- Tanker 2 man cab

1000 gallon per minute pump with 2000 gallon tank.

Inflatable Rescue Boat and RDC Boat 

for Water and Ice Rescue Teams

E 55 (Westons 1) 2015 Rosenbauer Pumper 6 Man Cab 1500 gallon per minute pump and  1000 gallon tank

First out -Mutual Aid Pumper, Rescue - Haz Mat Truck

Westons Mills Fire District & Kinney Hose Company  

UT 264 6 Wheel Polaris Carries a

Kim Tech Slide out Pump/Tank/Rescue Unit

for Grass - Forest Fires, Land -Off Road Rescues

UT 263 (Westons 7) 2011 Utility Support/ Transports  

RIT/FAST Team, Tech Rescue, Fire Police,

Tows UT 264 and Inflatable Boat

E- 54 (Westons 2) is a 2005 Pierce All wheel drive 5 man cab

1000 gallon per minute pump and 750 gallons tank. 

It carries auto extrication equipment.

It is Second due to all fire calls.

EM 239 (Westons 8-A) 2012 McCoy Miller

Advanced Life Support Unit, Mutual Aid,

Fire Stand By, Rehab Support